Thank you for completing the consent form.

Below is the button and link to download the associated files. You’ll need to enter the correct (case sensitive) “morethanones” password to access the link and files. Your access to these files will remain available up to 30 days after the training has started.

You will need to print a copy of the G-TEP script (pages 5-17 from the manual) for you to reference during the training. You will also need to print 3 copies of each of the 3 pages in the Worksheet folder that begin “G-TEP worksheet ….”. You will be using those worksheets in the afternoon practicum. (One full worksheet is divided into three parts to make printing easy for remote work.)

Other materials in the Dropbox: the Cheat Sheet, the G-REP script, the Fidelity checklist, the Powerpoint slide pdf and the full Manual itself are provided for you to review.

Please gather a few colored pencils/crayons, some water, tissues or anything thing else you will need to make the training experience comfortable for you.

I am looking forward to sharing this flexible tool with you.