EMDRIA/Hypnosis Certification and General Consultation FAQs

Answers to other questions about EMDRIA consultation requirements can be found at www.EMDRIA.org

Q: Am I an EMDR certified therapist after I complete the 10 hours of basic training?

A: Each basic EMDR training organization has their own set of faculty for the initial 10 hour of required case consultation. After you complete those hours you are a fully trained EMDR therapist.

Q: Can I count the 10 consultation hours from basic training toward the 20 consultation hours required for certification?

A: No, the clock starts ticking again after you finish all your basic training requirements.

Q: I am looking for consultation toward EMDRIA Certification. Do you offer that?

A: Yes I am able to provide you with group or individual consultation toward the 20 hours required for certification. For a list of all requirements to become certified go to the EMDRIA web site.

NB: If you choose to work with a CIT (Consultant In Training) for some of your required hours I must provide at least 10 hours of case consultation in order to be able to endorse your application to EMDRIA. If the CIT is working toward their Approved Consultant status with me, I may not need 10 full hours to endorse your application, since I would have learned of your skills in their consultation sessions. The minimum number of hours required of the Approved Consultant by EMDRIA is 5 hours with the remainder provided by a CIT.

Answers to other questions about Hypnosis Certification requirements can be found at www.asch.net

Q: Do you do case consultation toward ASCH Certification?

A: Yes, a minimum of two years utilizing hypnosis beyond the 40 hours of basic training are required. A minimum of 20 hours of case consultation are required.

Q: I just got certified, how soon can I become an ASCH Approved Consultant?

A: An additional 40 CEs are required, with a minimum of 5 years of independent practice from the time of the basic training, and 5 years of membership.

General Questions:

Q: I don't care about any certification I just want help on a case. Can I call you?

A: Yes, I am available for brief (15 minutes) or extended consultations.

Q: I am just looking for a group to hear about what others are doing and ask my questions.

A: Great! I am happy to look at the schedule and see what might be a good fit for you.

Q: How do I pay you?

A: I bill through Square for consultation or you may snail mail a check.

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