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I am a broadly trained, licensed psychologist

I share cutting edge information with professionals, and train psychotherapists in the treatment of trauma and building resilience.
I am an Approved Consultant with EMDRIA and an Approved Trainer for the recent trauma protocols: R-TEP/G-TEP/G-REP.
I have been an Approved Consultant certified by the American Society of Clinical Hypnosis. Hypnosis and I teach clinicians how to use language most effectively in their clinical work.

As a speaker, I present up to date information on a variety of topics to community groups and professional organizations.

As a supervisor, consultant and trainer, I work with other therapists and graduate students to develop their skills.

As a psychotherapist, I provide psychotherapy to adults, adolescents and couples, building resilience in the face of trauma.

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The Recent Traumatic Episode Protocol & The Group Traumatic Episode Protocol with the Group Resource Enhancement Protocol

R-TEP is designed for in depth 1:1 work. The client chooses the targets as they emerge, and the therapist ensures added attention to containment and safety.
G-TEP and GREP use worksheets and are designed for group administration.
 They may be used with individuals experiencing the same or different trauma as well as with small family groups of different ages.

Recent Traumatic Episode Protocol (R-TEP)

The Protocol for working 1:1 on Recent and On-going Traumatic Episodes

For any EMDR trained therapist.

This training prepares you for virtual or in-person 1:1 work, on a single traumatic episode or with a situation of on-going stress with no period of respite. If you are choosing to work on-line, it is assumed that you are maintaining professional standards for safety and confidentiality as you would for any in-person session.

Group Traumatic Episode Protocol (G-TEP) Now added Group Resource Enhancement Protocol (GREP)

The G-TEP worksheet allows the therapist to work with more than one individual at a time while allowing each person privacy. The GREP focuses on connecting safety in the present moment, resources from the past and hopes for the future to enhance the ability to move through traumatic moments.

“…the psychological treatment of individuals demands a composite of knowledge from various approaches. I align myself fully with those who believe that we strengthen clinical repertoires through integration, not through displacement or exclusion.”

Francine Shaipro, 2018