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EMDR Training

Although I have taken many trainings over the years, I have chosen the EMDR framework as my home. It is the “2×4’s” that support the work I do and teach. Although it offers a frame, it is not a cookie cutter, and requires considerable skill and a dedication to learning on the part of the therapist. Therapeutic attunement is required, not optional. Mirror neurons are constantly at work.

      If you have a curiosity about basic training in this area see the link below to The Center for Excellence in EMDR Therapy created by Deany Laliotis, LCSW.
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Hypnosis is about using language in a surgically precise manner. Every therapist, regardless of orientation would benefit from learning the basic principles of spoken and unspoken communication. We have all been in a conversation where the words a person says to us differ from what their posture/tone/behavior communicates. Which do we believe?

     In a therapeutic context the therapist must be aware of the many messages that are being sent – spoken and unspoken and have a way to craft their own use of language to facilitate the treatment goals. To learn more about the therapeutic use of hypnosis click the link below and also investigate