This remote training & the accompanying materials prepare EMDR trained clinicians to use the R-TEP protocol and/or the G-TEP worksheet & protocol for face to face and remote sessions.
    • This does not prepare one for group applications until the clinician has prepared I themselves for remote group work through additional training and practice.
    • I agree that I will not record the training in any form - audio or video and will not post the training on social media or share the training materials.
    • I will not distribute any recorded file or any of the materials electronically, except for the Composite Worksheets & information needed for clients to work remotely.
    • I take fully responsibility for using this material with any individual in 1:1 or group work and am sufficiently trained in handling individuals who may dissociate or reveal suicidal thoughts in person or online.
    • This training was created with the understanding that it is important to uphold the same principles and ethical standards when delivering a training online as one would if it were in person. This process, by its very nature, requires careful attention on the part of the therapist. Therefore, it is assumed that the use of this protocol by a therapist, whether used for individual or used with groups, is guided by the clinician’s adherence to all relevant ethical standards and legal statutes applicable to their practice. It is wise for all clinicians utilizing telebehavioral health to be able to document competency in this area.
    • The developer of this protocol and the trainer will not be liable for any damages arising from the use of the information.
    • Establishing a professional-client relationship caries significant ethical responsibility. You should seek appropriate guidance for your own situation if circumstances require. Case consultation is strongly advised.